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Going to the doctor's office is a pain. Everything these days is on-demand - but here we all are missing work and trekking across town just to sit in a crowded waiting room. It doesn't have to be that way.

Sure, telemedicine is a convenient and easy solution. But - and here's the kicker - its doctors are limited in scope. In order to manage more than your routine cough, and without access to a clinical laboratory, what is your e-doc going to do? They have to send you to the lab for testing. Or do they?

We make connected diagnostic tests. You use them whenever, wherever. Your doctor gets the results and talks to you at your convenience.

What We Do

Diagnostic Development

We are building multiplexed diagnostic panels that link up with your phone and are ready for at-home use.

Health IT

Everything is connected. Web, mobile, serverside, databases - good thing we do it all.

Machine Learning

The problems we solve aren't simple. We're using AI to make personalized diagnostics a reality.

Global Health

Connected health and global health don't need to be mutually exclusive anymore.

Computer Vision

The camera on your phone is pretty powerful. We know how to use it to monitor your health.

Digital Health

Integrated ecosystems with the goal of keeping you healthier.


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Mobile Dx Reader

Analyze Any Rapid Test

Mobile Dx Publication

See it work

Bacterial Dx

Do you really need antibiotics?

Smarter malaria tests

Making disease surveillance easy


Is your site ready for mHealth?

Our Team

We're a team of determined team of entrepreneurs and engineers - problem solvers.


BS in Chem. Eng. @ UD
PhD in Microfluidics @ LSU
Research Professor @ Vanderbilt
$1.5M+ in grant funding
20+ peer-reviewed publications
NIH Mobile Health Scholar

Tom Scherr, PhD

CEO, Co-Founder Point-of-care dx, computer vision, full-stack web, machine learning


BS in Finance @ UB
Corporate strategy, financial analysis @ Brown Advisory
Strategic Project and Business Management @ T Rowe Price

Ryan Curley, MBA

CFO & COO, Co-Founder Business strategy and development, financial analysis, business operations

BS in Chem. @ Tulane
PhD in Bioinorganic Chem. @ MIT
Dean & Professor @ Vanderbilt
125+ peer-reviewed publications
$20M+ research funding

David Wright, PhD

Technical Advisor Assay development, reagent characterization, biospecimen analysis

BS @ Alleghany College
MD @ Eastern VA MC
Director, Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility @ VUMC
Top 1% of physicians (US News & World Report)

Donna Session, MD

Clinical Advisor Reproductive endocrinology, patient and physician experience, clinical expertise

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